Linux Saloon 61: Archcraft Linux

Archcraft is a fantastically lightweight Arch based distro with a modern presentation. Using the lightweight Openbox window manager coupled with lightweight applications makes for a super fast user experience. Archcraft delivers one of the best out of the box window manager experience available.

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00:00:00 Introductions
00:02:15 Eric is enjoying Fedora
00:16:46 StrawPoll - Experience with Archcraft
00:20:56 Little about Archcraft
00:25:31 Installation process
00:47:07 Flatpaks
00:53:11 General Impressions
01:35:04 Next Week’s News Flight Night
01:38:00 Housekeeping
01:38:36 Community Free Pour - LFS with Pacman
01:44:09 Last Call
01:58:30 Bloopers

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