Linux Saloon 60: Open Mic Night, Qr Codes, Messaging Platforms, Linux Hardware

This Open Mic Night was kicked off talking about how Aris is using a QR code to make it easy for guests log onto his home network with their smart phones. The conversation about messaging apps weaved around an extensive number of tangential threads that were quite interesting. Adam did join the conversation to correct the record on his interpretation of the “thumbs up emoji”, some talk about small, Linux-Friendly, hardware, an amusing conversation about the benefits of Gentoo Linux and more.

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00:00:00 Introductions
00:01:16 Aris generating QR Code for guest WiFi
00:11:19 StrawPoll - How many messaging apps do you use?
How many messaging apps/protocols do you use?... - Poll Results -
00:40:14 The value of Smaller or lesser known distributions
01:12:24 Adam Setting the record straight on the “thumbs up” emoji
01:17:19 Linux Friendly mini device Hardware
Auspicious Machine is a modular handheld Linux PC with a BlackBerry-style keyboard and gaming buttons - Liliputing
URVE Board Pi single-board PC features RK3566, M.2 SATA connector and PoE support - Liliputing
Lilbits: MNT Pocket Reform modular mini-laptop to sell for around $900 - Liliputing
01:23:52 Spreading the love of Gentoo
01:33:08 Discussing Next Week’s Disro Exploration
01:44:26 Last Call
01:51:34 Bloopers

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