Linux Saloon 59: Zulip, JSketcher CAD Software

The scheduled focus of the show was the communication platform Zulip but just as we finished that discussion we moved into talking about JSketcher when the developer joined the Linux Saloon. It was a very unexpected and welcome surprise and made for a great conversation.

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00:00:00 Introductions
00:01:12 Pine Tab 2, Are you interested?
PineTab2 - PINE64
00:09:36 StrawPoll, Zulip Experience
00:11:20 Zulip Application Discussion
00:32:42 Housekeeping
00:33:17 Jinda tries Virtual Manager for the second time
00:40:41 Jsketcher open source CAD application
01:15:07 Future Plans, CAM, Assembly
01:34:01 Last Call
01:38:38 Bloopers

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JSketcher Resources:
GitHub - xibyte/jsketcher at dev

Other Resources:
Linux Saloon Community on Telegram - Telegram: Contact @linuxsaloon
Discord Server -
TuxDigital - Saloon -
Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts Group -
Sravan Blog -

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