Linux Saloon 58: News Flight | Bugs, Rust, JFS, Fedora

On this 11th News Flight we talked about a variety of subjects. The strawpoll started us off by talking about our preferred methods to interact with our computer, then we moved into bug reporting, Rust on Chromium, JFS slated to be removed from the Linux kernel and replacing Windows with Fedora

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00:00:00 Introductions
00:02:19 PCUAE on TheC64
00:08:28 StrawPoll - Which is your preferred way to interact with your computer?
Which is your preferred way to interact with ... - Poll Results -

00:28:34 ChatGPT like service discussion

00:41:33 Logging Bugs and enhancements
Window counter indicators dominant color not working · Issue #1929 · micheleg/dash-to-dock · GitHub

00:50:28 Rust development allowed on Chromium
Google Online Security Blog: Supporting the Use of Rust in the Chromium Project

01:12:54 Linux Kernel dropping JFS support
Linux Developers Eye Orphaning The JFS File-System - Phoronix

01:20:03 Windows off Eric’s Desktop
01:41:04 Next Week application Appetizer Zulip
Download the Zulip app for your device

01:45:29 Housekeeping
01:46:49 Closing Time
01:51:00 Bloopers

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