Linux Saloon 56: Open Mic Night | Wayland, VanillaOS, Twitter 2FA

This is our eleventh open mic night at the Linux Saloon. This is our opportunity to talk anything in general tech and open source realm. Like every other Saturday night, Linux is always on tap.

The big topic today revolved around the Wayland desktop server that is poised to replace the long entrenched X11. We did kick off the show with some discussion about immutable Linux distribution images with some of its fantastic benefits.

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00:00:00 Introductions
00:01:15 Adam Grubbs Making Immutable OS Images
argrubbs (Adam Grubbs) · GitHub

00:13:48 Eric Adams Vanilla OS experience

00:30:07 Weekly Poll: Is Wayland ready? If not when?
Is Wayland ready? If not when? - Online Poll -

00:48:26 XFCE Discussion

00:52:59 RDP on Wayland and other software challenges

01:23:53 Twitter Cancels SMS 2FA for non-Blue Users

01:33:06 Locked out of Android Tablet

01:36:12 Next Week Exploration CentOS and other Housekeeping

01:38:35 Community Free Pour - Storm OS

01:43:47 Last Call

01:48:16 Bloopers

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