Linux Saloon 55: Application Appetizer Potluck

The Linux Saloon a place to discuss tech, open source and where Linux is always on Tap. This week the panel of presenters brought an app they use to share. This was quite the variation of very interesting applications that are all referenced in the description below along with the timestamps.

Next Week: Open Mic Night

00:00:00 Introductions

00:02:19 Nate and TheC64 X-Windows Mod
TheC64 X-Windows Mod – CubicleNate's Techpad

00:21:52 StrawPoll How old is your Oldest Computer that gets regular use
How old is your oldest computer that still ge... - Online Poll -

01:01:35 Status of Solus in question

01:09:37 Application Potluck

01:09:55 Jinda - PCem-Emulator

01:15:05 Colin Cherry Tree and Joplin
cherrytree – giuspen

01:23:54 Mark - Keypass XC

01:36:02 Vince - Open Visual Trace Route

01:38:17 Adam - Visual Studio Code

01:45:26 Skrapp - FreeCAD Real Thunder

01:54:06 Aris - qBittorrent

01:56:39 Ulfnic Micro Terminal-based text editor

01:57:27 Ana Rita Collection of apps
Calibre - calibre - Download calibre
Kobo Desktop -
KeePass XC -
Evolution - Evolution Mail and Calendar
ElectronMail - GitHub - vladimiry/ElectronMail: Unofficial ProtonMail Desktop App
Stremio -
DuckieTV - DuckieTV - TV Show Tracker
ProtonVPN -

01:58:08 Nate - Versatile Commodore Emulator

01:58:39 House Keeping
Next Week - Open Mic Night

02:00:06 Closing Time

02:04:10 Bloopers

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