Linux Saloon 54: News Flight Night 10 | Blend OS, OpenAI

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Next Week: Application Appetizer Potluck

00:00:00 Introductions
00:02:08 Colin Using Blend OS - immutable OS
00:32:39 StrawPoll - How old is your newest computer
01:00:54 Wolfenstine 3D now runs on a 1979 processor
01:05:58 OpenAI Discussion
01:40:29 Application Discussion for Next Week
01:47:20 Housekeeping
01:58:25 Last Call
02:01:33 Bloopers

Blend OS -
OpenAI - Product

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Okay, @MichaelTunnell this is worth calling out my mistake here. I kept telling myself it is NOT “Blender OS, It is NOT Blender OS” over and over yet I still mess up. So funny!

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