Linux Saloon 52: News Flight Night 9

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We covered topics in the news thanks to the help from Michael on “This Week in Linux” who supplied the stories.

Next Week: Distro Exploration of GeckoLinux

00:00:00 Intro
00:01:16 Skrappjaw’s Nvidia Troubles with openSUSE
00:07:49 OPI on openSUSE for installing new software
00:10:23 Strawpoll - Have you ever built a Desktop
01:00:19 CoolerMaster to open source Master Plus Software
01:09:50 Effect of Valve Releasing CAD models for SteamDeck
01:11:39 Sony Drops HID driver Support for Sualshock 4
01:18:31 Are New Game Controllers inferior in construction?
01:37:49 i3 4.22 Released
01:42:40 Next Week Distro Exploration of GeckoLinux
01:44:27 Housekeeping
01:45:57 Last Call
01:50:00 Bloopers

PC Part Picker -
CPU Benchmark -
New i3 Released -
Coolermaster going open source - Wow! CoolerMaster's MasterPlus Software to Go Open Source!
Sony Drops HID driver support for DualShock 4 - DualShock 4 Controller Support Being Dropped From HID-Sony In Favor Of New Driver - Phoronix

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