Linux Saloon 51: Linux New Year

Happy Linux New Year! We kicked off 2023 with a lengthy conversation around FFMPEG, Earbuds and the new immutable Linux distribution Vanilla OS. The conversation around putting your computer to sleep was quite informative as well.

Enjoy and I hope to see you again next week as the Linux Saloon is the place to talk tech, open source and where Linux is always on tap!

Thanks so much for your continued support in watching, sharing and subscribing to Linux Saloon.

00:00:00 Introductions
00:01:52 Sravan - ffmpeg for ARM
00:19:99 Eric - Earbud Adventures
00:35:10 Colin Sporting Vanilla OS
00:59:08 How is Sleep on your computer working Poll
01:12:48 New Year of Linux - SBCs
01:37:35 Rapid Fire open source project suggestions
01:40:31 Housekeeping
01:43:36 Community Free Pour - Storm OS
01:51:36 Last Call
01:57:40 Bloopers

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