Linux Saloon 45: RetroArch

This week we play some games using RetroArch. The beauty of RetroArch is there are numerous ways to get it on your computer. The easiest might be using the Valve’s Steam client but Flatpak, Snaps and the native system packages. Perhaps there are more but those are what we tried.

Overall, this made for some great conversations that were sparked through the RetroArch discussion.

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Mario with VIM controls:
Mario, but with Vim controls. Is it playable? - YouTube

The Commodordion

Racing Destruction Set Video -

MDfourier: An audio analysis tool for gaming hardware

RetroArch Starter Guide (2022)

Get Lakka

Vote in this weeks poll: How is the Retroarch exploration going? - Online Poll -

Another way to play RetroArch… How to Install RetroArch on Xbox One or Series X/S - Make Tech Easier

Duke Controller: Xbox controller - Wikipedia

Third party N64 Controller:

raphnet. - Home

Neo Geo Arcade Stick:

the Popeil Pocket Fisherman
Popeil Pocket Fisherman Commercial 70's - YouTube

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