Linux Saloon 44: Open Mic Night 9

This is our Ninth open mic night at the Linux Saloon. This is our opportunity to talk anything in general tech and open source realm. Like every other Saturday night, Linux is always on tap.

We discussed many of the happenings going on in the Linux and open source world, including whether or not it’s okay to advertise in the terminal, how hardware not being open source can affect your purchase of it and the potential end of mailing lists.

00:00:00 Introductions
00:00:48 Vince and Jinda use Kasm Workspaces
00:09:46 StrawPole - How many monitors on your main system
00:16:44 How has Linux ignited a love for tech
00:34:26 Is advertising in a distro Okay?
00:55:20 Is there any hardware you won’t buy because it isn’t open source
01:03:45 GNOME project closing mailing list
01:24:56 Trail off into some more Steam Deck conversation
01:31:10 Application Appetizer discussion for next week - Retro Arch
01:48:51 Last Call
01:54:24 Bloopers

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