Linux Saloon 37: Open Source Gaming

This week we checked out a variety of open source games on Flathub and gave some general thoughts about the games themselves and the challenges facing the various open source game projects.

00:00:00 Introductions
00:01:33 Colin’s Video on StormD Linux Distribution
00:14:44 Sravan Bash scripting with options
00:20:05 Flathub game exploration going Straw Poll
00:21:22 Tuxemon
00:25:49 Space Cadet Pinball
00:33:09 Frog Squish
00:38:20 Billiard GL
00:46:53 OpenRCT2
00:49:06 Veloren
00:53:31 Discussion around open source games
01:21:25 Open Source Gaming Final Thoughts
01:22:03 Next Week News Flight announcement
01:23:00 Linux From Scratch 11.2 Released
01:30:40 Ubuntu Unity Official Flavor for 22.10
01:35:56 Debian Non-Free Firmware Debate
01:48:18 Closing Time
01:52:18 Bloopers

Colin (PCTLC) Video on StormD

Sravan - Bash scripting with options
Bash Getopts Builtin Command Help and Examples
Bash Getopts

Tuxemon -

Space Cadet Pinball -Space Cadet Pinball | Flathub

Frog Squish - Frog Squash | Flathub

Veloren - Veloren | Flathub

Billiards - Billiards | Flathub

OpenRCT2 -

Linux From Scratch 11.2 Released
Distribution Release: Linux From Scratch 11.2 ( News)
lfs-announce - Linux From Scratch Announcements - confirm_action

Ubuntu Unity Becomes Official Flavour
Ubuntu Team Accepted Unity As the Official Flavour
Homecoming? Ubuntu Unity Remix Submitted Proposal for Official Flavour Tag
Ubuntu Unity Becoming An Official Flavor With 22.10 Release - Phoronix
UbuntuUnity/22.10/Proposal - Ubuntu Wiki

Debian Non-Free Firmware Debate
General Resolution: non-free firmware
Debian Begins A General Resolution To Decide What To Do With Non-Free Firmware - Phoronix

Any old Mac heads in here from the past remember Escape Velocity?

Check out the Endless Sky flatpak. (also available on Steam!)


I only used Macs in school growing up and never played a single game on the Mac. I will check out Endless Sky for sure. Thanks for the suggestion!

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