Linux Saloon 36: Open Mic Night 7

This is our seventh open mic night at the Linux Saloon. This is our opportunity to talk anything in general tech and open source realm. Like every other Saturday night, Linux is always on tap.

A lot of time was spent talking about Linux on the ARM processor and some great discussion on about how long various people in the community were running Linux. The ideas on the discussion on the Digital Divide was certainly varied.

00:00:00 Introductions
00:01:32 Thomas’s new PineBook Pro
00:20:52 Vash Video, “Run Python Files via Bash Script”
00:25:12 Late arrivals to the Linux Saloon
00:27:25 How long have you been using Linux?
00:58:10 Digital Divide
01:30:42 Distro Psychosis of Dan
01:46:17 Arch Grub bug
01:52:35 Community Free Pour Box of SUSE
01:54:10 Closing Time
01:56:37 Bloopers

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Manjaro Downloads

Sravan solution for sleep issue on pinebook pro:

Vashinator - Run Python files via bash script

Mesh networks: How To Set Up An Open Mesh Network in Your Neighborhood - Shareable

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Ay, but seriously… As always I had a blast being on the show.

It’s so great being surrounded by people doing such fun things with Linux and tech in general, TBH!

Thanks for having us!

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I am super glad you could be a part of it. I enjoy having your input on topics very much. You bring some fantastic perspectives to things too.

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