Linux Saloon 35: Clear Linux 2.7.3

Clear Linux OS is a Linux distribution, developed and maintained on Intel’s open-source platform, and optimized for Intel’s microprocessors with an emphasis on performance and security. Its optimizations also affect AMD-systems. Clear Linux OS follows a rolling release model. Clear Linux OS is not intended to be a general-purpose Linux distribution; it is designed to be used by IT professionals for DevOps, AI application development, cloud computing, and containers. It is currently the fastest available Linux implementation.

00:00:00 Introductions
00:01:03 Schykle’s New Dell XPS Laptop with Fedora Silverblue
00:24:13 Clear Linux Discussion Introduction
00:25:03 Straw Poll on Clear Linux Experience
00:25:48 About Clear Linux
00:29:10 Setup of Clear Linux
00:35:52 Added Applications
00:43:37 General User Experience
01:11:21 Areas of difficulty
01:16:16 Why you should give it a spin
01:28:42 Schykle updates his light bulbs
01:30:53 Housekeeping - Future community free pour segments
01:31:20 GNOME’s New Telemetry Tool
01:41:26 Community Free Pour - Sravan Distributed Compiling
01:50:30 Closing Time
01:53:10 Bloopers