Linux Saloon 34: News Flight Night 6

We covered topics in the news thanks to the help from Michael on “This Week in Linux” who supplied the stories.

This Week in Linux - TuxDigital

00:00:00 Introductions
00:01:28 Sravan Packaging Adventures
00:15:37 Colin Reflecting on past Distributions
00:19:03 When is it time to call an expert
00:32:19 Poll Where do you Place the Panel on your Desktop
00:39:15 Gamify Your Life with Habitica
00:48:09 Ubuntu LTS 22.04.1
00:52:07 GNOME 42 - The Nonsense Continues
01:20:33 CuteFishOS Disappears & Returns
01:41:98 House Keeping, Clear Linux Distro Exploration
01:43:47 Last Call
01:47:32 Bloopers

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Other Resources

PCTLC Spiral Linux:

Sravan repo:

Habitica - Gamify Your Life

Michael T video about habitica:
Gamify Your Life with Habitica, A To-Do List RPG To Get Things Done - YouTube

Ubuntu 22.04.1 release notes:
Jammy Jellyfish Point-Release Changes - Release - Ubuntu Community Hub

Saucy GNOME 42 article:
GNOME 42 — The Nonsense Continues | by fulalas | Medium

KDE Free Qt Foundation
KDE Free Qt Foundation - KDE Community

CutefishOS · GitHub

PCTLC Cutefish look around:

Michael T: Customizing KDE Plasma: How To Edit Panels And Layout
Customizing KDE Plasma: How To Edit Panels And Layout - YouTube

Michael T: 17 KDE Plasma Features That You Didn’t Know About

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I am not finding this listed within AntennaPod as a podcast. Am I not looking in the right place?

I believe Linux Saloon is not a podcast but instead a live streaming event. Episodes are archived on YouTube but I don’t think there is a podcast version.

It’d be cool if there was a podcast feed edited for audio only podcasting or a curated edited audio-friendly Saloon flights.

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That is too bad. Hopefully they consider publishing as a podcast, which is what all of the other dln shows do.

We do not have to agree, but every group discussion of this nature has no advantage in video. Best to also offer in a podcast RSS feed with show notes. There is no need for the bandwidth, direct access or explicit video watching needed to enjoy this show.

I agree. I need to push this. I will work on getting the entire archive on a podcast platform.


I was fooling around listening to how audio-only sounds yesterday. You might want to consider doing something similar to

ffmpeg -i source.wav -filter:a “dynaudnorm” output.wav

Some of the guests are significantly quieter to others and some normalization did wonders in my experiment. Probably wouldn’t hurt for the live version either. (edit: I have no idea how this would even work)

I try to manually normalize it in Kdenlive when I edit it. I could export the audio after editing it and run it through some normalization.

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I think the podcast idea is great, thumbs up from me.

Though I already have a solution for it for myself. I just download the show in audio only, youtube-dl can do that or basically playing with ffmpeg just like @PatPlusLinux suggests. It is used by youtube-dl anyway.

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