Linux Saloon 30: News Flight Night 5

Tonight we covered topics in the news thanks to the help from Michael on “This Week in Linux” who supplied the stories.

This Week in Linux - TuxDigital

00:00:00 Intro
00:01:12 Schykle with the Surface Laptop 4 and the smell of new technology
00:05:17 Sravan’s adventures in file permissions
00:15:36 Mark with his Multi-OS Keyboard woes
00:27:46 Nate and his new Solar Electric system
00:31:52 Linux News Intro
00:32:06 Matt Hicks Becomes CEO of Red Hat
00:40:19 Wayland Support for Xfce Desktop
01:03:22 Lubuntu’s New Backports PPA
01:22:40 Linux Mint 21 Beta Released
01:27:16 TUXEDO Aquaris: Water Cooling for Linux Laptops
01:36:30 Distribution Exploration announcement of openSUSE Leap 15.4
01:43:02 Closing Time
01:47:18 Bloopers

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