Linux Saloon 28: Open Mic Night 5

This is our fifth open mic night at the Linux Saloon. This is our opportunity to talk anything in general tech and open source realm. Like every other Saturday night, Linux is always on tap.

00:00:00 Intro
00:01:43 Straw Pole Light Theme vs Dark Theme
00:12:12 Sravan Distributed Compiling
00:29:18 Bill on Tailscale
00:39:20 Burnout in Tech and life
01:19:06 Flatpak is making us lazy
01:38:28 Michael Tunnel on Flatpak
01:50:57 Application Appetizer planning
02:07:58 Closing Time
02:13:02 Bloopers

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Other Resources

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Sepia Look: Photographic print toning - Wikipedia
Tailscale project:
Jono Bacon on burnout survival: The Conflict and Burnout Survival Guide: Handling When Things Go Wrong - YouTube
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