Linux++ (March 29, 2020)

Originally published at: Linux++ [Issue 10] with Thomas Castleman of Drauger OS - Front Page Linux

News from the GNU/Linux World, Issue 9, v03.23–29.2020 Hello and welcome to the tenth edition of Linux++, a weekly dive into the major topics, events, and headlines throughout the Linux world. This issue covers the week starting Monday, March 23, 2020 and ending Sunday, March 29, 2020. This is not meant to be a deep…

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Thanks for another great edition @londoed. I very much enjoyed your episode of Linux Spotlight. I love hearing the origin stories and yours was no exception. I share your general wariness of Microsoft’s deepening involvement in open source but I honestly believe it will be a positive overall, although, of course, being as a result of something intended to benefit themselves. Congratulations on joining DLN!

Thanks, Eric. Was a little nervous for my first on screen appearance, however, Rocco is so good at making you feel at home it didn’t take long until I forgot we were even recording :grinning:

Yeah, it is just so hard to put complete faith in Microsoft, even today. I’ve been hearing more and more people who work with the company say that they truly have changed their entire structure and outlook (pun intended). Who knows? Time will definitely tell!

And thank you, I’m super glad to be a part of the Network!

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