Linux Lite 6.0 + Ubuntu Studio

Anyone tried installing the Ubuntu Studio software over the top of Linux Lite 6.0?

Would almost prefer to do this on CrunchBang or BunsenLabs, but Linux Lite will do. :grinning:

So you do not have to install the entire KDE desktop for Ubuntu Studio.

The guys at Ubuntu Studio gave you the tools to install their software on top of any Ubuntu release.

I know that Linux Lite is not an official spin of Ubuntu, but it should work.

Tried doing this once before on an earlier version of Linux Lite and worked fine.

But I did notice that it was reving the disk drive a bit more then an XForce distro should. Might have to play with swappiness to reduce writes to swap partition.

Ubuntu Studio even gives you an app to do the hard work now, Ubuntu Studio Installer, which can be installed with nothing more complicated then Apt Get Install.

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I donโ€™t have any experience here with Linux Lite but just wanted to say โ€œThanksโ€ for any and all the info on Ubuntu Studio. In my experience it has been a very good distro and you just gotta love that low-latency kernel.