Linux++ [Issue 22] with Hayden Barnes of Canonical and WSL

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Hello and welcome to the twenty-second edition of Linux++, a weekly dive into the major topics, events, and headlines throughout the Linux world. This issue covers the time period starting Monday, July 13, 2020 and ending Monday, August 10, 2020. This is not meant to be a deep dive into the different topics, but more…

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That is a gigantic and awesome article. Some information was even new to myself and I already thought I knew the history of Linux and Unix.
Though one thing I am not sure about in the article is about the Mate project. I thought it was originally forked from Gnome 2 by an Argentinian Arch Linux user (therefore the reference to that popular Argentinian or Brazilian beverage) and not Karapetsas himself. Although he is indeed one of the founders, main devs and maintainers of the Mate desktop in Debian I thought he is from Italy.

Anyway great content.

Btrfs is also very interesting as now it gains more coverage because of Fedora’s decision and funny how I am personally doing a trial with openSUSE using Btrfs as file system. :slight_smile:

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Hey @vinylninja, thanks for that. I believe you might be right about MATE. I will change it, appreciate the comment!

Yes, I also just threw Fedora Rawhide in a VM to check out how Btrfs is working. So far, so good!