Linux is Canada?

Any Canadians on here?
I’m in Hamilton, Ontario and sort of new to Linux and never going back.
Just started listening to DLN this past winter & really enjoy being a Linux newbie.
I’m a big comic book nerd and love going to comic book conventions… Are there usually any Linux Conventions in the Hamilton/Toronto area?



As far as I know there’s about 3 other Canuks here, including myself. I’m from the west so I can’t say anything about comic conventions over there. I know there is a Linux user group in your area, Allen Jude, from the “BSD Now” podcast mentions it from time to time.

Restrictions in my area are 85%-90% lifted (for now) so I’m looking forward to starting my own Linux User Group in my city.


Dude, you can try Linux Mint, it’s really user friendly, especially if you’re a beginner. Take care.

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Being it’s been a year that’s unlikely to still be case :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d be interested how that journey went though.


I’m Canadian. :slight_smile:

Canadian here, and currently just started a new job as a SysAdmin for a VFX studio, which uses macOS & Linux, from IT Analyst position in a hotel that’s mainly on Windows.