Linux in the Kitchen | Life Enhancement Blathering

Linux makes the Kitchen life much more efficient and enjoyable. I have been using and tweaking my setup for a while now and this is what I can recommend, without question, as a “force multiplier” in the kitchen.

I of course am implementing my Linux enhancement with openSUSE


This is really cool. Do all distros work fine with touchscreens? Are certain ones better than others, or did it all depend on the individual apps etc?

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I really can’t say how well other distros work. Since I am expecting high availability with this system, I don’t experiment with it. I have used Plasma on openSUSE for touch screen for a few years, quite happily so I knew it was going to work well. Any Qt apps are going to work pretty well. If you run Wayland, the on screen keyboard will pop up when you go to type… but sometimes, it doesn’t go away so, I have just been using it on X11.

Overall, I am exceptionally happy with the system.

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Great project. This is honestly not a project I would have thought to hire a full linux desktop for; perhaps, as a sign of the times, a mobile tablet was my first thought. I’m glad I’ve seen this project though, it’s definitely opened up my mind to wider possibilities… now only to convince my partner :stuck_out_tongue:

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I installed Gnome Recipes just because of @CubicleNate’s blog post and it looks gorgeous.


Isn’t it? I love that application. Doesn’t matter the little issues with it. It’s fantastic.

Exactly because I use it on Xfce and Mate.

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