Linux Hardware Addict Tries Apple/MacOS : Video Series Part 1: Intro

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As a former mac user, It took me a number of years to realize where Apple was taking me. I ended up breaking the iChains and migrating to linux. I still think their packaging, branding, and what software you can afford is pretty slick… but when the coolaid wore off, I found myself looking at what I got for what I purchased… and how much more I had to purchase to make it useful. (2) ports… guess I know what my first next purchase is going to have be, huh?!

(My Apple years were oddly reminiscent of a certain children’s book… “If you give a mouse a cookie”. But the last page ends up with me having to get a newer mac. :-P)

Cool video series Idea! I look forward to the next episode. Its been so long since I’ve played with the Apple products that I almost forgot how much of an impact their wrapping paper is for what you get on the inside.

It was kind of refreshing to see a macbook air NOT next to a starbucks cup… looked… kinda weird. Like a convertible station-wagon. (Something seems missing here.) :stuck_out_tongue:


I get the appeal of Apple products and I appreciate their focus on the aesthetic and having everything “just work”, but it’ll be interesting to see your thoughts as you dive deeper into the system. For someone who likes to tinker, I wonder if you’ll find it as restrictive as I did, and I’ll be willing to bet you’ll complain a lot about the lack of I/O in future videos.

But still, thank you for doing this; I tend to trust your judgement on things like this since (I think) you do a good job of being objective about these topics.

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