Linux Hardware Addict Tries Apple/MacOS : Series Part 2: MacOS Overview


i’ll never forget a friend showing off his brand new mac with its 4k monitor.
… um… that’s what he paid for it, not its resolution. :innocent:

The iCloud storage always seemed like a ‘consolation prize’ to make up for a soldered-on hard drive that can’t be upgraded, or in the iPhone’s case, due to no sd-card slot. I remember the frustration of my mac years when I was constantly finding myself running into this, “design shortcomings or oversights can be rectified by the end user purchasing ________ to correct this” thing.

On the other hand, its very need to see when they learn from their mistakes, and to see how much polish and features they are starting to add. Notifications area was a nice addition. I’m super curious why something like proton wouldn’t be functional on a mac, due to it’s BSD underpinnings.

Keep this series up. This is very enjoyable to watch!

There’s a lot Linux could learn from exercises like this.