Linux Gaming Should Matter to Every Linux User & Here's Why (clip from Destination Linux 179)


Fine but the last time I looked Mac OS is 5 times the size of Linux. Gaming is for nerds and incels, that need an excuse to sit behind a computer, instead of going outside and experience the real world :slight_smile:

We don’t need racing (what a waste of gas! Going over the same road trying to get back to where you just came from before anyone else?!?! Really?) But we all benefit by anti-lock brakes, power steering, traction control, etc. etc.

We’ve long left the math co-processors of the 80’s, but the GPU seems to be what it has evolved to. A dedicated processor for number crunching so the main CPU doesn’t have to. I am starting to gain an appreciation for the many uses and fields that gaming has opened up. From simulators and training for law enforcement, commercial driving, aviation, space eXploration, and a host of other purposes.

This was a good argument and a convincing piece. Let’s see more conversation like this.