Linux 5.10, GTK 4.0, CentOS Update, OBS 26.1, Ubuntu Touch | This Week in Linux 130


Thanks, @MichaelTunnell - excellent show as usual!

As a regular user of Debian for approx 8 years now, when I first opened the site I panicked thinking I’d ended-up somewhere else! Yes, it’s more modern and has a more accessible front page. It’s still in progress as the Debian Team are clear about. I do appreciate the work being done :slight_smile:

Having seen online videos of PinePhone running Manjaro, I have to say Ubuntu Touch looks more attractive to me as it’s deliberately targetted at the mobile platform. I am looking forward to a Linux-based Mobile phone for my daily driver in coming years.

I’d like to see how GTK 4 compares with Qt 6 especially for cross-platform work. When I looked at GTK 2 a very long time ago it didn’t impress me (from a development perspective) but GUI frameworks have gone through a number of transitions since then, so I am hopeful of good things, though my own current focus is on JavaFX.

vim was strangely crashing in my Gnome terminal on Debian, so I have temporarily been resorting to gedit at times. I also have Plasma installed so may try Kate again too.