Linus Torvalds on the Future of the Kernel

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At this year’s Open Source Summit from The Linux Foundation, the main event involved a question-and-answer style keynote featuring Linux creator and master maintainer, Linus Torvalds, that included discussion topics curated by VMware‘s Chief Open Source Officer, Dirk Hohndel. There were a ton of topics covered in the 40 minute discussion, but one topic appeared…


Super good article! I very much enjoyed reading it and often have thought about the longevity risk of the kernel. While its protection and power are asserted from its open-source nature, Linus, and those like him, are its life.

If Linus ever passes this torch on, I’ve often wondered who would be skilled enough and willing enough to carry it forward in the same spirit. Its almost like asking someone to exchange their life/occupation to spend all of their time focused and working on this one key project.

… This article put me in the mood to watch ‘Searching for Bobby Fischer’.