Linus Torvalds on Apple M1 Mac, Blender, PulseAudio, 25 Years of GIMP | This Week in Linux 127


Thanks @MichaelTunnell - very enjoyable and informative, as usual!

I’m looking forward to what happens with the Gnu Image Manipulation Program and its offshoot Glimpse when refactoring is completed. I agree feature addition will become a lot easier then. No surprise about Apple choosing to keep their hardware difficult to access except through their own OS. Their attitude does come across as elitist at times and so they don’t seem to mind staying closed. Up to them, I suppose. Most of the time they just seem to be creating a smaller and smaller niche for themselves, but so be it. The most exciting news for me would be Pipewire adoption. This coupled with Wayland and Btrfs on Fedora could make it revolutionaly on several fronts!