Linus Going from Windows to Linux? | DLN Xtend 78

On this episode of DLN Xtend we discuss LTT trying out Linux and give some recommendations.

Welcome to episode 78 of DLN Xtend. DLN Xtend is a community powered podcast. We take conversations from the DLN Community from places like the DLN Discourse Forums, Telegram group, Discord server and more. We also take topics from other shows around the network to give our takes.

00:00 Introduction
12:14 Topic - LTT taking the Linux Challenge
30:45 Host Related Interest
37:21 Wrap Up

LTT Linux Challenge Video

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Well that’s pretty awesome! But what is Linus talking about with Fedora? If he wants to do WAN show on Linux he probably should use Fedora just for Pipewire. Plus it has a pretty recent Kernel, easy to install, dnf, and a whole ton of online support. I don’t use Fedora myself but I think he would have a good experience as a new user.

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I guess he had a horrible experience a long time ago, which is tainting his view of Fedora.

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If I were to bet I would guess he’ll go with pop. I think Anthony is a Pop fan. I’ve been a Fedora user for about two weeks now and have no regrets.

The only distro I really had a horrible experience with was Yopper. Anyone remember Yopper? Is it still “a thing”?

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Linus is using KDE. I'm learning a lot about the Linux Community... - YouTube My guess is Kubuntu

PCLinuxOS might also fulfill the few thing he’s said, but since he said he was considering Ubuntu, PopOS or Mint- I’m guessing Kubuntu.

He said Linux asked him to restart a lot…

But Gentoo was an option in the poll? haha!
I watched a couple videos later, Luke mentions they use Fedora lots but they don’t like the hats.

I’m actually really surprised by this. I wonder if this is due to the snap integration?? I presume he’s on Kubuntu as well. I use Mint and this is never an issue but Mint goes out of its way to get rid of all traces of snaps. That could be the difference there, especially if snaps are updated in the background.

I’ve seen a couple of episodes now, yeah kubuntu seems likely, love the “what is Kate?” quote. How would anyone know without finding out. So what’s Luke using? Could be zorin or elementaryos? No idea so far from what I have seen. I’d laugh if it were fedora and the other comment was just to throw us off.

I found this so annoying when I was new to KDE. Little did he know that would give everything away to regular Linux users. If you search for “text” in the KDE menu Kate shows up with the description “Advanced text editor”. So it’s not terribly hard to figure out what things are.

Their site seems to have gone down recently but here’s the phone selection on

He is using nvidia, still, I wouldn’t call once or twice after installing driver “a lot”