Lenovo Touchpad Driver's for Linux?

So in case anyone thought Lenovo was giving a huge vote for the opensource community. Just to let you know if your using anything other than Ubuntu as your distro of choice.

No open source drivers, not even proprietry drivers available for the Legion 5 laptop.

Just this…

‘Ubuntu 20.04 LTS 64 Bit
Pre-installed in some regions “with a custom Ubuntu image” that takes advantage of the system’s hardware features and may include additional software. Standard images of Ubuntu may not work well, or at all.’

To be honest most of what I need to work for Linux does work. Minus the touchpad. Using a usb mouse for now, but I am missing that touchpad.

I’m running Solus Linux on an e595 with no issues. Everything worked out of the box, so to speak.

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I didn’t think there still was some basic hardware like a touchpad not working out of the box on linux :confused:
I have a MSI laptop and been distro hopping for a little more than a year, never had that issue :man_shrugging:

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That reminds me, I, too, have an old MSI laptop around here somewhere that is also running Solus and it’s touchpad also works without any issues.

Mine is rather recent and I should add when I was doing some research before buying MSI was often described as easy to install linux on…

I did do some research before buying Lenovo as a dual boot with Windows to start with, but eventually will become my Linux computer.

Decided that Lenovo and Dell were great on Linux support. And bought the Legion 5. Next time I spend real money on a Linux upgrade I might go with Dell XPS.

My next laptop purchase will probably be system76, a company that supports Linux more.

Looking on Dell’s site to find devices that support and/or ship with Linux is harder than it should be. Not enough Linux support IMHO. I think Lenovo is a little better, but I would prefer to see more vendors who are all-in with their Linux support.

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Sorry, was using an older Manjaro image.

Downloaded the latest Manjaro ISO.

Latest Manjaro download everything works.

Happy with Lenovo after all.

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