Lennart Poettering looking at Linux booting options

Wondering how this would effect my dual booting experiences. If it gives me a few more Linux boot options then I doubt I will complain.

Not Lennart Poettering‘s first go with Linux, but using ‘Microsoft’s Lennart Poettering’ as the title gives the wrong impression that this is a Microsoft thing.

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Some of the most vile commentary about a human being I have ever read have been Linux fans, in the comments sections of tech publications and news aggregators, reacting to reading the name “Lennart Poettering” in an article or headline. Add the word Microsoft and you probably have an article which will generate clicks for days. The clickiest of baits.

I have no doubt that Linux people are going to start frothing at the mouth and claim that this is how Microsoft will take over and extinguish the Linux kernel, or some similar nonsense.

Personally, I’ll wait and see what Red Hat does.


So this is the other piece of the puzzle.
Yes, Systemd.

I knew I’d heard that name before. I can remember things I’ve heard in times past, but I didn’t know (until I just read his Wikipedia article) he’d actually received death threats for his commentary and for systemd. Honestly, I think a LOT of Linux users (whether dev or not) need to grow up and quit acting like little children.

Anyhow, to the point of this discussion, I think any improvements are always welcome, and considering what an improvement systemd itself represented, having it further refined will be a great thing.

Honestly, I find myself agreeing with him about the typical Linux audio software stack. Pipewire is great, as far as it goes, but there’s definitely a lot of room to mature audio on Linux.

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