Latest TWIL

I see the latest TWIL is from 1-2 months old. As I know Michael hasn’t missed a show in the last, idk 5y, I have to ask: Is Michael ok? Is he on honeymoon/holiday?

TLDR: Does Michael need any help?

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Same question came to me today… He seems to be in Destination linux tho…


Mmmhmm. Is a little concerning not seeing any new episodes since start of November, possibly? Almost three months? Hope all’s well :slight_smile:

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Only from what i’ve seen the show takes a full breather every year (or a collection of breaks) usually around this time though not always. It’s a way for Michael to catch up on the backlog that’s built up over the year and get some R&R while still running the rest of the network and DL so TWIL can come back fresh.

Help isn’t quite straight forward because of the mythical man month. Even if Michael cloned himself (just wow) it wouldn’t necessarily make things faster, they’d just be more Michael’d. Part of those breaks is getting things automated which makes everything faster though sometimes volunteers jump in when they see opportunities and that helps a lot too.

Can’t confirm or deny Michael’s in great shape and i’d watch the horizon.


I think @dasgeek 's @MichaelTunnell bot should try doing an episode. Could be interesting :wink:

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Three horaahs for Ryan!