Laptop Battery Optimization & Fan Control

I have a hybrid nvidia GPU gaming laptop. With Windows 10 / 11, I get a good battery life from it. But even with discrete GPU off, I am unable to get close to that battery life in (1) POP OS 21.04 with its inbuilt power saving mode. (2) Elementary OS 6 with “auto-cpufreq” (GitHub - AdnanHodzic/auto-cpufreq: Automatic CPU speed & power optimizer for Linux) and “tlp” (TLP - Optimize Linux Laptop Battery Life — TLP 1.5 documentation).
Recently I have heard of “Slimbook Battery” App ( Also, I can run on any other brand Laptop. Can I run it with “auto-cpufreq” & “tlp” combined? Does it have a different core working, or it is based on “tlp” or so.
If you have any other alternative or combined working software, please mention.
Fan control in Linux is also not good. Tuxedo hava made “tuxedo-fan-control” (GitHub - tuxedocomputers/tuxedo-fan-control: The TUXEDO Fan Control is a Application and Daemon for controlling the fans of CPU and GPU of your TUXEDO Notebook device.). Can I run it in my Lenovo laptop? If yes, then will it work? If not, is there any alternative.
In advance Thanks! :grin:

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I really loved the links in your question, thank you.

I have very little experience with battery taming but one thing i’ve run into from time to time is P-State issues with certain chips. If the drivers aren’t right they’ll run at 100% power constantly and you can end up with a wifi card or a USB network dongle that feels like mini-heating element.

Last issue was a Puggable 10/100 USB network adapter which was solved switching to a Tripp-Lite.

One way i’d approach it is removing all USB peripherals and your wifi card then comparing performance against win10, it might be one of those and it’d help narrow it down.

Yes, I have also done that. But still no improvements were there.

I only use tlp but you can use them both (claims the developer) though I have no experience with auto-cpufreq, it is developed independently from tlp and has some nice documentation in the link you provided.

The problem is more that battery life on Linux might not be what you see on Windows even after all the tweaks you apply but at least you can try and improve some of that.

There are a ton of tools but even to me it seems more like black magic than anything else.
In fact I would personally recommend tlp and auto-cpufreq if you are not already using the features from Pop-OS or Tuxedo e.g.

I guess it only runs on Tuxedo hardware and the supported platforms as in OSs (from GitHub) are:

Ubuntu LTS 18.04
openSUSE Leap 15.1

That means probably Ubuntu and openSUSE in general. That is what Tuxedo supports.