L4E Video on an awesome new open source game!

Let’s be honest: it’s rare to use the words “Open Source” and “Great Game” in the same sentence. But there’s a recent game release for Linux, Windows, Android and iOS that might change that. Liam Dawe from @Gaming On Linux joins the channel to introduce you to the new gold standard for open source games: “MINDUSTRY” – part tower defense, part Factorio, all awesome.

Want it on LBRY? Here you go:


Man I wish I had the patience to pull off hair like that. Guess I’ll settle for a longer beard.


I would like to see a lbry.tv link for this.

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Mine took a couple false starts. You get into that “awkward” phase for months where it looks terrible and you can’t stand it. Patience is definitely the name of the game.

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