L4E Game Day: September 19 at 6pm UTC

Hi all!

Join @JasonEvangelho and the rest of the community for our first game day/night! It’s going down tomorrow, Thursday, September 19th beginning at 6pm UTC! [Timezone Converter here]

The votes are in, and you want to play BOTH Dirt Rally and CS:GO!

Just grab your headset, jump on the L4E Discord Server, and have some fun!

(Don’t worry, we’re looking into a Mumble server AND livestreaming for the next event!)

YouTube Live Stream:


Thanks for organizing this @0lzi!

Also, I wanted to point out that Dirt Rally is currently FREE on Steam (and yep, there’s a native version for Linux).

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I love this idea only may take me a while to get my gaming setup sorted so it will be good maybe we can do retropie gaming nights or star wars gaming nights idk lol I’m available most days just doing 00:00 GMT I will be going bed though that’s a us time of like 8pm eastern seaboard 7 central and 6 western seaboard

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Thanks for everyone’s input and feedback so far!

What might make more sense is to do a community game DAY, since we’re scattered all over the globe. I’ll keep you all posted.

The Community couldn’t decide if they wanted FPS or Driving , Why not both?

Join us in our Discord Discord on Thursday from 6PM UTC ( Timezone converter )

Head on over to the Telegram to join in the build up there also.


Oh i LOVE the idea of a retro gaming night!

Btw, welcome to the DLN community!

Thank you I been apart of the telegram group under code name Linux Breaker lol