Kubernetes is big and scary, What are you looking for in a crash course?

Howdy Everyone, I am going to be building a tutorial video for running Kubernetes in a homelab setting soon. What are things that you want to know about Kubernetes that you think are skimmed over too much? Looking for input.


I have no opinions other than wanting this video.

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Gosh, where do I start?

Ok, how about running it on RPi?

Tutorials on networking and persistent storage?

Now that Docker has been deprecated for Kubernetes, where does one go to find container images ( like Docker Hub )?

I’m interested in creating a NFS server to serve as persistent storage for Kubernetes and I’m interested in running the following in Kubernetes:


Is this a good start?

Im not covering this. Check out GitHub - xUnholy/k8s-gitops: Kubernetes cluster managed by GitOps - Git as a single source of truth, automated pipelines, declarative everything, next-generation DevOps

Ill see what I can do.

K8s depreciating the Dockershim actually will cause no changes on where you get images. Docker images are OCI compliant. All containers ran by OCI runtimes (ContainerD, Cri-0) are OCI complaint.

AKA. “Depreciating docker” is terrible marketing, They are removing the docker runtime support, not OCI containers support (Docker containers is slang for OCI containers)

NFS-subdir-provisoner is the storage provider you are looking for.

Thank you for the details! Ill take a look at including those.

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If i was looking for a crash course, a sound introduction to what it is and what you can use it for, would be greatly appreciated.
I’m looking forward to the video!


I second this

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I have started a small git repo as I’m building my assets for the video.


Yes!! first minute and I got a cameo!! <3

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Really appreciated the bird’s eye view, i’ve been missing that.

When I video hunt I usually end up with spokespersons/devs talking about their own company’s software and while it’s very informational it’s not big picture. It’s hard to tell how a dev on the ground would put it all together or if a different option is just better.

I’m very new to this level of tech but thank you.

I’m new as well to this and i must say, it’s overwhelming.
But i’m learning something new, and that’s always a good thing.

Thank you for this video. Very well done. I’m looking forward to the next one.

They mean well, But their target audience has already passed the “what is k8s” realm, and are looking into how to adjust their application to work with k8s. As homelabers, we typically don’t want to or can customize our applications,So some of the stuff they show doesn’t really apply to us.

K8s is a whole new way of managing any application, And it might not fully make sense until you do an install. But because Kubernetes involves the whole stack. Every part of deploying a new application can be automated. Feel free to ask questions,

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