Kinoite and virt-manager not working, Framework 16

Hey all!

So I just got my Framework 16 up and running and I installed Kinoite on there because I love KDE and the immutable system seems like a good idea (I’ve used it before on other systems). My daily driver is Solus KDE, and I have it also installed on this machine–virt-manager works perfectly there on btrfs.

On my Kinoite partition, also btrfs, I’ve layered the three packages mentioned in their forums: virt-manager , qemu-kvm , and quemu, but I still see errors when trying to run virt-manager, reporting that it cannot connect.

Does anyone have any steps for sure-fire ways to get virt-manager/QEMU up and running on Kinoite?

I’ve also tried the Boxes flatpak, but it doesn’t allow me to import an existing .qcow2 image.

Got it all sorted. I was missing this command to kick it off: systemctl enable --now libvirtd now virt-manager works as expected and can connect to QEMU.