Kindle cloud - web app users

As I have many books on Kindle (UK) I have recently been pondering about accessing them through Linux using the online Kindle Cloud web-app / website.

I’d be interested to hear from users of this, especially though not necessarily from the UK.

Given that usually a Kindle book can be downloaded onto any four devices at a given time, how does access via cloud fit into this count? If you read it from the cloud does it count as using-up one of those downloads? When you close the cloud access does it become available on other devices again?

If you download from the cloud for reading locally, I’m guessing that reduces device access by one, but not sure.

Feedback on experience from seasoned users much appreciated - thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve used the Kindle Cloud Reader for ages. It does count as one of your devices (or did when I last looked).

It works very well and the larget screen (and font that allows) is handy for an insomniac like me. At 2 - 3 am I can just reach out for my bedside laptop (Thinkpad X230) and read something until I feel sleepy again (usually about 7 am) without turning the light on or getting out of a nice warm, comfy, bed.

It still syncs so you can pick up when you next use your Kindle or Fire device or Kindle app on your phone. Personally, the 4 device rule has not proved a problem, I have a couple of times gone into the Amazon “Your Devices” settings and deleted a device, including the Cloud Reader, but usually my mobile phone as I find reading on that a bit too fiddly anyway… my old eyes need a larger font or I only get 20 words on screen at a time.


Thanks, that’s useful - can delete the Cloud Reader Device. Usually if I hit a download limit I remove the book from one of the devices and that enables me to use it on another device. On the Cloud Device if you try to remove a book from the device it says it will completely delete the item from the library (meaning you have to buy the book again presumably, which is far from ideal!)

One option is to download and decrypt some backup copies of of your books: