KDE: Where it all started

Found this on the interwebz (from 1996), very interesting read.
Getting some insight in the trail of thoughts they had back then in what a DE is and how it should and should not work and function. And the ideas and thoughts on how and what KDE should be and what it could evolve in to.

It’s a fairly long read, so grab a cup of java (or what ever) and take your time.



Woohoo! I’m going to have a look when I have time too! I just signed-up with KDE and am making a start on what will hopefully be a long-term commitment to that community and its projects. I have also been reading


Which may also fascinate interested users!


Thank you for this link!

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You’re welcome. This and Bugzilla manual are my staple diet these days. I am hoping choosing KDE as the project / community to contribute to, after much deliberation on my part, works out as a fine choice. Certainly the origins of the project are inspiring and suit my value-set. I felt like a school-kid when I did my first Community Wiki edit the other day - lol - for newbies like me and have a set of bug triaging suggestions I’m hoping to contribute, with help from a mentor any day soon!