KDE Partition Manager

I don’t know why I haven’t seen this before but it started out by me going down a rabbit hole and stumbled up on this little gem: KDE Partition Manager. It’s in the official openSUSE Tumbleweed repository. This is a fantastic Qt implementation of Gparted with some layout enhancements.

I do like the layout of this better than Gparted but functionality wise, it’s about the same.

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Yeah, this is the default in Kubuntu as well. I’d say it’s Gparted meets Gnome Disks. I like it and objectively it’s better than Gparted in features, but I still like Gparted better.

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If not for that side panel, I really wouldn’t pick up on the difference between the two.

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IIRC it can also graphically set mountpoints in /etc/fstab, so that’s +1 to functionality over Gparted

This is cool! I really like the sidebar, actually—it makes it much more obvious what disk you are working on. However, I think the YaST partitioner is still more featureful, allowing you to manage things like RAID, Btrfs snapshots, and network drives, to name a few things.

Actually, who am I kidding? I’ll stick to fdisk till the day I die. :upside_down_face:

I mostly use Gparted or now KDE Partition Manager not for system partitions but for removable devices and the like. I reserve the YaST Partition tool for system level changes. I’ll use this for setting up an SD Card or USB Drive, although you CAN do it in the terminal just fine, sometimes, it’s nice to have a graphical tool.

I just default to the terminal, I guess. Too much time with Arch at a formative age. :rofl:

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The terminal is in many ways easier, but for a quick overview, I do like GUIs. I guess, to say, if I know what I am doing, terminal. If I am investigating or am unsure, GUI. So… I use a GUI a LOT.