Kaltura Project? What exactly is it?

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its great to be hear. I just want to reach out and see if anyone knows something about the Kaltura project (https://www.kaltura.org/, https://corp.kaltura.com/). It looks like it has a for-profit and open source branch and it is on github. But their description notwithstanding what is its primary purpose? Video editing? Is it like Vimeo? Is it a youtube competitor? How is it different from lbry, isn’t that also a Saas? I am completely new to streaming and AV so any direction would be great.

Many thanks.

Never heard of it before, but looks like you got the same gist I did from their site. It looks like a host it yourself video portal that can also publish to YouTube.

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It looks more like a competitor to PeerTube so you can have a self-hosted YouTube alternative. Lbry is a hosted service they control (and not a good one by the way) vs this where you host the platform and the videos yourself.

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Hi Michael,

many thanks. Interesting, I’ll have a look at PeerTube. Do you think that it would be more of a competitor to to Vimeo or is Vimeo in the PeerTube realm? I am asking this because the have a paid for enterprise solution for communication. I take that to mean that this is something you would use for conference room and things of that nature where many (my employer included) right now are using Crestron solutions.

I don’t understand the question. PeerTube, Vimeo, etc are not conference room software at all. These are all alternatives to YouTube in that you host and serve your own videos so I am confused by the conference room question.

PeerTube and maybe this Kaltura would be good alternatives to Vimeo since Vimeo is more like a premium video platform and those could be as well if someone were to commercialize them.

Zoom is a good conference room software for Linux.


thank you. Sorry for the late response.

LBRY is awesome by the way, I have switched pretty much all of DLN to it now :smiley:

(well switched in regards to the using it instead of the other alternatives)