Just switched to Tumbleweed. So far so good

Was using Ubuntu desktop with Gnome for about 4 years and it was good. But I was having more and more cravings for Btrfs and snapshots. I switched to Tumbleweed Gnome a week ago and I’m almost finished with the transition. Lots of work to get everything set back up the way I need it!

Except for a few small things, using Tumbleweed Gnome is very much like using Ubuntu Gnome. Nice.

And I get a wave of bliss each time I create a snapshot before making a change to my system. :smiley:

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Thanks for posting about your new distro experience. You’ve made such great progress in your Linux journey. It makes me happy.

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It’s been great. Occasionally I hear something about the surveillance horror that is Windows 11 and I feel a wave of bliss that I switched to Linux.

Occasionally I have to hire and pay for an Upwork expert to fix something on my system. But that’s slowly decreasing as I get better at Linux troubleshooting.

Breaking news :

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Not surprised…sadly. Hopefully all this MS surveillance will inspire more people to use Linux.