Just for Fun: Naming my Pinebook Pro

Today I received my Pinebook Pro. I am so excited. Since I am a geek, I like to name my computers. I am sure many of you do here as well.

So I started a poll on Mastodon to narrow down the name of my new joy. I would love to have anyone in the community vote and add to the fun. There are two polls, each with four names to choose. Then there will be a final four of the top two from each group.

https://mastodon.technology/@tekmav/103517176568771264 (First name set)
https://mastodon.technology/@tekmav/103517185084494915 (Second name set)

Wouldn’t mind hearing about your system names as well. Are they functional, on a theme, random, inspired?

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I name my machines after computers or other repositories of knowledge from literature and pop culture. My laptop is JARVIS, my Raspberry Pi is (was?) Mimir, an old server I used to run is TheMatrix, my brother’s desktop is TheWorldMachine, my sister’s is (I think) EDITH, and my desktop used to be MemoryAlpha until my other brother took over and, against all convention, renamed it bop-os.

Side note: sorry the link above is to Tumblr; it’s difficult to find freely available, quality resources on Glorantha.

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Mine are based on Doctor Who…

My computer is The_Doctor
my wife’s computer is Donna_Noble (her favorite companion)
My FreeNAS server is Gallifrey
My Primary laptop (system 76 Kudu) is The_Tardis
My Huawei laptop is Satellite_Five

I don’t have a Mastodon account set up currently - but my vote is Ilia

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Nice. Need to get around to Doctor Who. Have so many guests at the restaurant work comment that I remind them of one of the Doctors.

My first Internet access was on a server named Sisko and later the lab in the department was themed after Star Trek with the Sisko, Picard, Janeway being the main servers. So I am partial Ilia for nostalgia.

I have tried to do theming myself, but it seems nothing sticks so. Related devices tend to theme a little like the Rokus as Chip, Dale, Donald, Daisy. My Pi backup is Longstreet and Eldridge (from The Philadelphia Expirement). My Oryx Pro (now my desktop with this addition) and my desktop pi (for document readings and volumio control, etc) are themed as Darkwing and Launchpad respectively.
My Digital Ocean droplets or server names were from the Silverhawks as my primary domain is thebrimstrar.com.

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Funny enough, the first computer place I worked for was named after Star Trek as well, with Kirk, Spock, Picard, Riker, Bones, etc…

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Of course my computers’ names have themes! For my own they’re based on The Legend of Zelda series; some are named after the games, but I had to branch out into characters after a while.

My family’s computers are named after the Star Wars films, and my wife’s family’s are one-by-one being named after Star Wars ship types (e.g. b-wing, y-wing, etc)

Mmmm … makes me wish I named the Oryx Pro as Gannon …Would go with my ocarina.

I did originally have a Dune theme going, But always felt wrong to have to sundown muaddib.

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Most of my devices are named after characters from The Watchmen. It started when I got a used iPhone with a cracked screen which I decided to call “Rorschach,” then a nicer looking one I called “Spectre.” It was all downhill from there. Recently I ran out of those so I started with The Boys.

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