Just an FYI for those that use Discord - New Malware Found


Stay safe out there.


I won’t use either, and, as a matter of fact, I’m getting ready to ditch my Roku’s because they are starting to move towards voice searching so the remotes have a mic in them. I know you can disable the mic or buy a remote without the mic, but I still don’t trust any vendor that does this.

My next pi project will be a pi 4 Kodi roku replacement.


The staff at Discord have been known to leak chats. It shouldn’t be used for anything you’d want to keep private any way.

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and started banning accounts just based on rumors. Deleted my account.

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If users are running arbitrary .exe’s they’re lucky it’s just leaking clipboard and Discord chat lol.

Interesting the way they chose to get around CORS using herokuapp.com though the link no longer works, that could have just as easily been the title for the article. They probably used this git or something similar:

GitHub - Shivam010/bypass-cors: a proxy server to bypass CORS enabled servers

An example using the git owner’s example:


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I have tried Kodi and found it underwhelming but I have very high hopes for KDE plasma big screen!

What did you try to use it for? I’m about to set that up on a Pi Zero W, to connect to my move database so I can ‘Netflix’ my own stuff.

I tried to make it a Roku with Netflix, Spotify, and some local media. So, I didn’t really use it for what it was for.

But KDE big screen can connect to those? I have a Roku, but wanted to play with this for some of the local media and also maybe to have hooked to another TV too.

That’s the plan. It will be a hybrid between Desktop Computer, Roku-ish thing, and Kodi. I think.

Do you have Netflix on the roadmap somewhere? I see the apps listed here, but I don’t see any roadmap of features. I would love a project like this though, almost like Kodi meets Roku.

Can’t you get Netflix on Kodi already anyhow?

You can, not well or easily.

I don’t know, I am not part of the project, I was simply going off what I have seen.