Join The Sudo Show For Our Ask Me Anything Episode

AMA Episode This Wednesday, September 23rd from 2-4PM CDT

Hosted by: Brandon Johnson & Eric The IT Guy

Conference Link: Launch Meeting - Zoom

Hey everyone, do you have any questions about Careers in Technology, Enterprise Open Source, Cloud Management, or etc? The Sudo Show is doing a Live Q&A Episode where you can submit questions to get answers directly from experienced sudoers.

The Sudo Show is a podcast on the Destination Linux Network and if you haven’t listened before then you have 2 days to get caught up before the event. :smiley:

You can even Join us on air to ask your Linux, Open Source, Business or Career questions on our very first Ask Me Anything episode!

If you can’t make it live, that’s alright too, post your questions below and we’ll add them to the queue!


How did CoVid impact hiring and the job market?

How does one transition from entry level L1 customer tech support to an IT/Cyber career.


I am wondering about how can I run a Production company Strictly on Linux? i am on Linux Lite 5.o. So far I am right now getting my software for a project. is there a film editor Like Sony Vegas on Linux? I know about Rambox and gimp for my photo and social media stuff but when it comes to editing of film that where i feel completely lost!

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If I want to make software freedom a full-time job and am willing to train to get there, what are the best avenues that’d serve the community the most?


If i would go for a Linux certification, where whould i start? What cert would i begin with? Does certification matter at all?


Thank you all for posting your questions! I’ve got them added to the show. Do me one other favor, let me know if you want your name read on air or if you’d rather stay anonymous.

Secondly, welcome @Bluhatwearingpenguin to the DLN Discourse!

Keep the questions coming in, I am very much looking forward to tomorrow.

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“Marc Gilligan / Ulfnic”

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sure I always go by my Username. It actually my gamer tag

Sure, Eltuxo will be just fine. :slight_smile:

You may use my username.

  1. git cli or git GUI? Which do you use, prefer, and/or recommend?
  2. Minimum number of monitors to feel productive? High DPI or 1080P?
  3. Vertical monitors: Yay or nay?
  4. Favorite mouse or trackball?
  5. Favorite keyboard?
  6. Favorite proprietary software on any platform, for work or personal use?
  7. Do you have a bus factor plan for your personal digital assets? I.e. Do you have a dead man’s switch or instructions for a trusted person(s) to handle your online accounts, servers, and such if you become unable to manage them?
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Where do you purchase servers or other hardware for your home lab?

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You can call me ‘anonymous’ if you do not want to bother with trying to pronounce my “name”.

Admittedly I am still working my way through the episodes, so if it’s covered there you can ignore. What steps would you take to move a business/school to opensource?

Can use username

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The time has come! Click the Zoom link above and jump on in!

We are wrapping up our first AMA. Thanks to all of you and your questions it was an outstanding success! We will have the consolidated recording out next week for Episode 8.

We plan on hosting another AMA each quarter, and stay tuned!