I've ordered my DLN shirt, have you?

I believe the DLN concert style shirts are a limited time offer. Get yours while you can.

That’s a known marketing strategy :money_mouth_face:

I bough the hoodie last month-ish… I love the hoodie!

Received my hoodie a few days ago…just in time for the weather to warm up. Dang it.

(Not their fault, I ordered it late.)

It’s true. TeeSpring will say it’s only available for the next X hours, but it should stay available permanently unless the creator yanks it.

Not sure I like this tactic as people have seen that but don’t have the money at the moment, so just decide they won’t ever order it. (Had several people tell me this)


Well, I’ll admit I fell for it. Shady tactic, IMO. Duly noted for future Teespring orders.

I’m buying mine fashionably late.

Perhaps it is the design that is limited. My DLN t-shirt is now out-dated ( another marketing strategy ) as the network has grown since this design was created.