Is there an open source "offload manager" like Shotput or Silverstack?

While there has been much chatter about professional video tools like Lightworks and Davinci Resolve on Linux there are a few missing pieces for a completely professional workflow.

I am wondering if there is such program for Linux that can easily generate checksums for video and audio files, then transfer those files to multiple locations simultaneously, and verify the checksums of the copied files against the original files on the original memory cards.

Forgive my ignorance, but is there some reason you can’t just create a checksum like you would for any other file?

That sounds like a process that most would write a bash script to do. Not sure if you will find an app to do that for you.

A script would definitely work, I’m not very experienced writing my own. If the mount locations for drives or a card reader aren’t the same every time you would have to edit the script accordingly no? This could be problematic in the 14th hour of a filming day and the producers are wondering why their paying you triple over time to edit text files.

I’m really looking for a good way to phase out reliance on Mac computers for on set film production. I’m prepared to implement a “roll your own” solution, I wanted to see if there was another project I could contribute to first.