Is there a GUI desktop frontend to git that you'd recommend?

Hello. I’m not referring to web-based git frontends here, such as github, or gitlabs. I’m talking about when you have a local git repository, and you just want a simple gui for git (stand-alone, integrated into an IDE, a text editor, or maybe even a file browser), which can minimally do the following (within some selected git repository as its context):

  • git add <some_file>
  • git commit -a -m “Some commit description”
  • git push origin master

…those are pretty much the only git commands I use on a regular basis on the CLI, BTW.

Oooo… git-cola:

I use “git gui” and gitk.

I’ve heard good stuff about gitkraken but it’s proprietary.

There’s also an official Gnome frontend to git called gitg but I don’t know how well it works.

The git project website lists a lot of gui frontends to choose from: