Is there a desktop that can show all open apps and browser tabs?

Windows11 is handy for showing all opened browser tabs and app windows with the “super key”.

Maybe a Linux desktop is out there that can do same?

Don’t know about the other desktop environments, but if you’re running Plasma you can designate a spot on the primary monitor where if you hover there with the curser you can make it show everything open. You’ll find it under Settings/Workspace Behavior/Screen Edges. The you just select one of the spots and select Present Windows - All Desktops.

I turned it off because I found it annoying.

Will tack you on with this. :wink:

Thank you!

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@haroldcrews - interesting!

Windows 11 still does it better, as it can offer a preview of all open tabs in Edge as well. At least, of those 5 or so that i usually have opened.