Is Linux Slower?, Google Tracking Your Health Records, Bytecode Alliance | Destination Linux 148


@Ulfnic - thanks for providing the link - I’m a couple of episodes behind so link on here allows me to comment straight after watching :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for another enjoyable and informative episode. On the speed of the kernel and whether or not AMD CPUs also get a hit even though their hardware has fewer vulnerabilities; I would have thought that perhaps setting appropriate flags when compiling the kernel would be one way around this; not sure exactly how different distros do their builds, though if I were running gentoo I’d certainly be tempted to compile some software with processor specific flags.

Google and medical health… sickening really, pardon the pun :wink:

My feelings are mixed regarding bytecode, partly due to the security side of things, but definitely a technology with potential, so let’s see what happens.

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@Ulfnic thanks for posting this :slight_smile:

You’re welcome :smiley:

AMD doesn’t get hit as hard because they addressed many of these things in the hardware many years ago. The mitigations aren’t necessary on their hardware so by not applying them it means they do not lose any speed as the hardware itself has addressed many of the issues. AMD is already a faster processor these days than Intel and so Intel having to add mitigations on top of that makes the difference drastic.

I agree and I think puns aren’t used enough . . . I’ll need to break out my cringe syringe. :sunglasses:

This is effectively my same feelings on this topic.

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